SCIA launches cloud-based CAD to analysis model converter

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SCIA AutoConverter uses ‘controlled and automated’ conversion to help bring analysis into the BIM process

SCIA AutoConverter is a new ‘OpenBIM’ solution that helps structural engineers quickly convert 3D structural models from ‘any CAD software’ to create ‘high quality’ analysis models. The aim is to remove the need for time-consuming remodelling and re-entering data from scratch.

During conversion, engineers have full control over the generation of the analysis model, including tools for checking and validation.

Objects can be removed, such as non-load bearing members. The software then automatically recognises and converts structural objects, such as beams, columns, slabs and foundations, to their equivalent analysis objects, based on user defined settings. Users also have full control over the alignment of the analysis model.

With SCIA AutoConverter, models are stored and shared in the cloud, so anyone from the project team can access the data. This is done through a central cloud storage and management platform powered by Allplan Bimplus.

Built-in revision and change management means any changes made to the structural model are automatically updated in the analysis model with ‘no loss of analysis data’. In turn, any changes in the analysis model are visible and traceable in the structural model.

“The combination of Allplan’s Bimplus and SCIA’s AutoConverter offers an open and integrated BIM workflow, enabling engineers and modellers to develop analytical models from any source with a higher degree of accuracy than ever before, answering the demand of our collective customers for a reliable solution,” says Nigel Rees, Business Strategy Manager and Strategic Project Lead, Allplan.


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