NEWS: Spotscale’s global service captures buildings in 3D using drones

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Firm uses network of local drone operators to capture 3D models for urban planning, inspection, or design development

Swedish firm Spotscale has launched a web service where AEC professionals can order a detailed 3D model or ‘spot’ of anywhere in the world. Customers simply draw an area of interest on a map to get an estimated price point, which is then followed by a formal quote. A local drone operator, selected by Spotscale, will take care of capturing the imagery, which is used to create the 3D model.

Spotscale works with local drone operators with multi-copters and high-res cameras to sweep along every street, façade and roof to photograph all angles possible of the area. The imagery is then processed on the Spotscale cloud, where algorithms optimised for buildings and urban environments are used to calculate detailed 3D models. Models can be delivered in a varity of formats suitable for iPads, touchtables, CAD applications, 3D printers, AR- and VR devices.

The Swedish firm also offers a processing service for firms that have their own camera and drone. Customers upload their images and Spotscale will deliver a 3D model in multiple resolutions as well as provide tools for construction, inspection or urban planning.

“We have been pushing the limits of drone capture, processing methodology and visualization in order to achieve our 3D models. Today it still requires some drone flying skills, but when drones are allowed to fly autonomously this kind of urban drone 3D mapping will explode” says Ludvig Emgård, Founder and CEO of Spotscale.

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