bimstore transforms object library into next gen BIM platform

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bimstore 4.0 aims to break down silos between specifiers and manufacturers, encourage collaboration and drive culture change in the built environment

Bimstore has unveiled its next generation platform ‘bimstore 4.0’, which builds on its object library foundations to transform the site into a space where specifiers and manufacturers can come together and share both knowledge and information.

According to the Newcastle Upon Tyne-based firm, the principal aim of developing the new BIM platform is to break down silos between specifiers and manufacturers, encourage collaboration and champion better ways of working in the built environment.

bimstore 4.0 will continue to deliver ‘accurate, quality and compliant’ BIM content for download, including objects and components in all formats from Autodesk Revit, Archicad, Bentley and IFC.

bimstore says the new platform is also pertinent to the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety 2018 which highlighted deep flaws in the design and construction process. The Hackitt Review called for more rigour at the front end of the design process, the need for a digital ‘golden thread of building information’, and the future role of BIM to facilitate this.

This year the UK Government will consult on proposals for a ‘digital by default’ standard of record keeping as well as proposals for how duty holders will collect, hold, analyse and make available the data that constitutes a golden thread of building information.

bimstore 4.0 aims to support these changes by providing the BIM community with a dedicated space to discuss and debate important built environment industry issues. It will do so through new integrated social features including personal profile pages and online discussion forums, so that knowledge and best practice can be shared.


“It is only through dialogue and communication on products, standards and the needs of the industry, that key issues and problems can be addressed and better outcomes reached,” said Rob Charlton, Co-Founder of bimstore. “Upfront collaboration, cooperation and coordination is essential to ensure that as an industry we are taking responsibility for the design and delivery of high quality, safe and secure buildings.”

From an end user perspective, the new platform features improved functionality and usability with more efficient search features and the ability to automatically generate multiple parametric file formats.

There have also been several enhancements for manufacturers: they can now change the data within their objects without the need for authoring software as well use the same object with data variations across multiple countries.

The new site also offers more detailed statistics and analysis on how objects are being used and an upgraded API that allows manufacturers to integrate bimstore into their Product Information Management system.



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