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Since 1994, St. Dymphna's has continuously served perfect pints of Guinness and classic pub fare to locals and visitors from all over the world, 365 days a year. As neighborhood bars become a rarity in Manhattan, St. Dymphna's proudly maintains the same traditions that have made it an East Village institution–a comfortable atmosphere where you can sit at a table, or belly up to the bar, and drink until your heart’s content... Or until we ask you to leave. Whichever comes first.

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the st.dymphna story

patron saint of mental disorders

St. Dymphna was the daughter of a pagan Irish chieftain named Damon and a beautiful devoted Christian woman who died when Dymphna was a teenager. Given to grief and madness following his wife’s death, Damon became obsessed with his daughter, whose beauty, he thought, was a mirror image of her mother’s. After fending off her father’s volatile advances, Dymphna fled to Belgium, settling in the city of Gheel. Damon soon caught up with her, however, and demanded that she surrender to him. When she refused, he killed her in a rage.

The site in Gheel where Dymphna died has for centuries been known for its miraculous healings of the insane, the possessed, and for those suffering from nervous disorders. In the 13th century, the bishop of Cambray commissioned an account of St. Dymphna’s story based on the oral tradition and the phenomena that had been attributed to her. Miraculous cures of mental illness and epilepsy are said to still occur at her shrine to this day.